Joran Penn Guide Bluewater Rods

Penn Guide Bluewater Rods

Whether casting sardines and anchovies for frenzied albacore, dumping a ballyhoo for a “lit-up” white marlin, or free-lining a goggle-eye for a sailfish, Penn Guide Bluewater Series Rods are an ideal choice. Tapers and actions of Penn’s Guide Series Bluewater Rods have been tweaked to perfection, providing anglers with a rod ideal for their Bluewater fishery. Guide Series Rods feature simple and classic wraps for a true-custom look, while featuring K1 Graphite Cloth, the tightest woven graphite on the market.

There are three distinct families within the Bluewater Series: the 700 Series, 800 Series, and three rods featuring Penn’s Slick-Butt™. Both the 700 and 800 Series have lineage to the West Coast actions, which are ideal for live-bait applications. These rods feature either a foam butt (700 Series) or cork-tape (800 Series) and Fuji guides (full AFTCO Rollers on the GST760M model), while the three Slick-Butt models feature Fuji Hardloy HD Guides, making them an ideal trolling or kite-fishing rod. With a soft tip and powerful action, these rods make feeding a sailfish or marlin almost too easy, but we’re sure you won’t mind.

Harga Joran Penn Guide Bluewater Rods $149 - $199

Spesifikasi Guide dari Joran Penn Bluewater rods have the additional characteristics listed below:
  • Blank Material:  Composite
  • Blank Construction:  Tubula    mnnxgr

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