Joran Penn Power Stick Rods

Penn Power Stick Rods

With tapers designed for saltwater anglers and fisheries everywhere, Penn Power Stick® rods are one of the most popular and recognizable fishing rods anywhere. Penn Power Stick® tapers, with Integrated Solid Tip (IST) Construction, offer soft, fast tips perfect for pitching and casting live baits or lures, while the stout mid- and butt-section of the rods allow the angler to work larger fish and heavier weights for bottom fishing. From light action rods, to a true “Cod rod” for deepwater fishing, Penn Power Stick® rods are a perfect choice for your fishing needs.

Detail ciri khas Joran Penn Power Stick rods:
  • Blank Material:  Glass
  • Blank Construction  :Tubular with Solid Tip

Harga Joran Penn ini : $66

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