Joran Shimano Tallus Rail Rods

Shimano Tallus Rail Rods

Long-range fishing became popular on the West Coast in the early 1970s. Over the years, yellowfin tuna tackle has evolved from primitive sticks to innovative new products that respond to the specialized needs of these anglers. To that end, the Shimano Tallus Rail Rods were specifically designed to handle the maximum load of a full-drag setting when the rod is rested on the rail.

Using the rail as a fulcrum allows the angler to put the maximum amount of pressure on the fish. Plus, Shimano Rail Rods offer anglers the strength and durability necessary to land these behemoths.

•Shimano TC4 Construction
•Triple Wrapped AFTCO Heavy Duty Roller Guides
•AFTCO Standard Roller Tip Guide
•AFTCO black & custom Shimano gold Slip-Over reel seat
•Custom Shaped Flat Bottom Foregrip for Fighting Fish on the Rail
•Precision Machined AFTCO Radiused Aluminum Gimbal with Cap
•Triple wrapped Gudebrod thread wrapped guides for added strength
•Limited Lifetime Warranty

Spesifikasi Joran Tallus Rail Rods :

•Shimano TC4 Construction
Shimano has engineered the new responsive TC4 Construction to elevate your fishing experience. The TC4 Construction wraps a double inner layer of advanced, dynamic T Glass with an inner and outer spiral of high modulus graphite. This breakthrough in design construction results in an extremely durable, crisp, yet lightweight rod.

•AFTCO Heavy Duty Roller Guides
The AFTCO Heavy Duty roller guide set is designed for heavy lines and large knot clearance. These roller guides and tips are featured on Tallus Rail rods and are ideal for big game trolling, deep water and stand up style tuna rods. All bearings are Aftcote coated with a Teflon dry film lubricant for high performance.

•AFTCO Standard Roller Tip Guide
These roller tip tops feature Aftcote bearings and are designed to accompany the AFTCO roller guides used on our Tallus Trolling series rods. This large head tip size offers extra knot clearance and is matched with both the AFTCO Heavy Duty Roller and Fuji SiC Silicon Carbide guide sets.

•AFTCO Slip-Over Reel Seat
The AFTCO Slip-Over reel seat is machined, not stamped or rolled, from the finest marine aluminum. The hood is fixed to the barrel, and then epoxied for extra strength. Fine, rounder threads produce a silky smooth locking action and the locking rings offer a heavier knurled surface for easier turning. The Tallus Stand Up series rods feature this reel seat in a custom anodized Tiagra gold finish.

•AFTCO Aluminum Radiused Gimbal
Machined from solid stock marine aluminum, this radiused gimbal is extremely durable yet lightweight. All exposed edges and extra heavy tapered feet are polished to prevent deck scarring and minimize wear on fighting belts. This gimbal has a full radius machined for greater stability when stand up fishing with a fighting belt.

Harga Joran Shimano Tallus Rail Rods $359

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